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Let's give the passing time what it deserves: precious and unforgettable moments 

Noam stands for ‘pleasure’ and ‘prosperity’. This is how we want to frame our approach to hospitality through time. Like a novel where the characters set the tone and colour of the words, let us write the most beautiful of our stories together.

Each Noam’s destination has its own private hospitality team. Our employees, recruited by us and trained to our standards, are at the entire disposal of the guests who will have the privilege to stay in our venues.

Connecting our guests to the spirit of a place​

Our mission is to go beyond current notions of luxury. Each detail of our offer has been designed to create sanctuaries where the art of living is inspired by local cultures, respectful of the environment and at the service of communities.

Back to basics, discovery of new cultures, seasonal and local cuisine are some of the ingredients that contribute to the Noam experience.

Committed to preserving the heritage and culture of each destination, Noam wishes to share its vision of hospitality with epicureans who are sensitive to naturalness and wish to live a healthier and more virtuous experience.

Instantly instilling a sense of belonging to the Noam universe, each destination transports our guests into a world of their own, ours, soon yours. 

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Featured Properties


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