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A world of private retreats

Think of the sweetness of travelling and living together. Where everything is order and beauty, elegance, calm and delight. Where the scents of the rarest flowers mingle. Where the intimacy of a private residence combines with the comfort of a charming hotel. Discover true sanctuaries where the art of living is inspired by local cultures.

Pays d'Auge - France

Noam Normandy

At the center of a French garden, surrounded by all the splendours of the great feudal residences, the property stands proudly in Auge region.

French Polynesia

Noam Bora Bora

True sanctuary, the rich wood work and the many openings to the outside create a soothing atmosphere, ideal for those seeking absolute seclusion.


Noam Porto Rotondo

Perched on a hillside overlooking the bay, it offers unrivalled views of the glittering Mediterranean Sea, secluded coves and surrounding islands.

The spirit of Noam

Immersed in a commitment to safeguarding the cultural legacies of every destination, we unite with fellow epicureans who cherish authenticity, craving intimate, discreet moments that weave into indelible memories. In each private retreat, we personify our belief in the true richness of sharing and discovery, with dedicated hospitality teams bringing it to life. Day by day, we contribute to this noble cause, ensuring your sojourn transcends the ordinary, becoming not just a stay but an extraordinary lifestyle.

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© Noam Group - Noam Porto Rotondo

Ephemeral dining

An ephemeral, nomadic table set up for the duration of a dinner in the singular spaces of our villas — an artistic expression of our chefs through a unique menu.

Celebrations & Events

Get to the bottom of things, whether the occasion is intimate or grand. The traditions, stories, symbols, and beliefs of Noam villas bring meaning to the celebration. Across the world, enjoy exclusive retreats for your personal and professional gatherings.

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