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Where the intimacy of a private residence meets the comfort of a boutique hotel. Every detail of our offer has been designed to create true sanctuaries, places of the finest resort living. Places where the experience transcends mere holiday rental. Places where authenticity and modernity meet, where gastronomy and conviviality take centre stage. But above all, places where the art of living is unique.

Our property management is aimed at owners who share our values and the same desire to offer exceptional holiday rentals, centred on hospitality and the excellence of their welcome. Instantly instilling a sense of belonging to a community of epicureans, we design each collaboration with the aim of transporting our guests into a world of their own while retaining the local spirit of the destination. Working directly with the owners, we make it a point of honour to ensure the same quality of service, delivered with the same passion, at each of our properties.

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Becoming part of Noam Group means working together to enhance the exceptional character of your property. Without borders, we operate on a global scale, with a particular focus on the local. We seek out the authentic, the exceptional and the discreet in order to guarantee rare places with a deep-rooted history.

Tailor-made management

Whether it involves establishing a specific marketing strategy for your property, recruiting a local team to put your residence in the best possible conditions on a day-to-day basis or preparing your property for your arrival, management is tailored to your needs and desires. We will take the time to get to know each other in order to define our common objectives together.


  • Handling of the entire rental process (preparation and administration of all contractual formalities)
  • Guest relations (check-in/out, collections, processing requests, etc.)
  • Collection integration and personalised follow-up
  • Development of a complete offer with hospitality services included
  • Design of an effective marketing and sales strategy
  • Global hospitality audit
  • Recruitment of seasonal/annual personnel
  • Temporary staffing
  • Sourcing of hospitality products and amenities

Careful attention to details

We pay particular attention to the services we provide. Hospitality and catering are at the heart of our activities. As well as thinking beyond the selection of special fragrances for different areas of a property, for example, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke experiences. Focusing on the details and moments that will stay etched in the memory. We develop concierge booklets for each destination. Whether it’s sporting activities, outdoor experiences, personal assistance or entertainment, the possibilities are endless.

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