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Introducing Noam

Noam Group was born from the idea of creating a timeless world of unique properties where our guests could enjoy a singular hospitality experience. Personifying each place by highlighting its spirit, its universe. Where the cultural heritage of every destination would be celebrated.

Noam means « pleasure » and « prosperity ». Words that reflect and guide our quest to create an unforgettable hospitality experience for our guests. We are committed to ensuring that the deeper meaning of Noam permeates every moment guests spend with us.

Our collection offers authentic experiences, where seasonal rental is combined with hospitality. The goal is to create more immersive and exclusive high resort environments.

Noam Andalusia - Front desk facing a view of the mountains of Andalusia with two nice armchairs

Simplicity and humility shape the essence of our properties. We are proud to have passionate professionals who make every stay a unique and memorable experience. Each of our staff is committed to providing exceptional service.

We pay particular attention to hospitality, well-being, and the art of living. We believe that the architecture of a place shapes its spirit and that the hospitality know-how that brings it to life.

We are particularly committed to offering generous and exclusive properties for rent, providing an intimate and discreet hospitality service. For us, holidaying goes hand in hand with gastronomy, an art that sharpens the senses and delights the palates.

In cuisine, we take care to work in short circuits. Independent producers, craftsmen and farmers allow us to offer healthier products that respect their environment. Each dish is an invitation to discover subtle flavours and surprising textures, developed from a meticulous and precise search for fresh and seasonal products.

What would it be like to showcase intimately sourced products without the stories that shape their uniqueness? Behind each one of them are the manufacturing secrets and anecdotes that have forged their reputation. For us, gastronomy is not only an art, but also a heritage that is passed on and that our colleagues will be happy to share.

Noam Group - Gardener showing a nice vegetables he just cut
Noam Bora Bora - Food & Beverage dinner served near the sea

Driven by a thirst for discovery and a deep desire to understand the links that unite us. From the earth that nourishes our cultures to the plate that delights our palates, from the forest that shelters our walks to the seat that welcomes us, each element that makes up our world is the bearer of a history, an emotion and a unique savoir-faire.

For this reason, we make it a point of honour to value all these riches as well as all the people who devote time and energy to making them. We are aware that each product is the fruit of hard work, of a collective passion that links everyone. We want to pay tribute to all these people by showing our deep respect for their work and dedication.

Noam properties are much more than holiday homes. They are family homes where every member contributes to making our stories the best they can be. We like to think that every moment spent with us is a new page being written, a story being told.

Let’s make every stay an unforgettable experience, where time seems to stand still, where memories are engraved in the mind. We believe in the power of conviviality, simplicity and authenticity to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


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