Introducing Noam

Our hospitality group was conceived with the idea of creating a timeless world where our guests can enjoy a singular travel experience. Noam aims to be the embodiment of a place, a spirit, a universe filled with the cultural heritage of each destination.

Noam stands for ‘pleasure’ and ‘prosperity’. This is how we want to frame our approach to hospitality through time.

Our mission is to go beyond current notions of luxury by creating true sanctuaries where the art-de-vivre is inspired by local cultures, respecting the environment and serving the communities.

Noam Bounekala - Founder
Noam Group - A man on a boat in French Polynesia

Our collection of hôtels particuliers, villas and chalets is intended to be an alternative to traditional luxury hotels. Designed to accommodate one privileged group of people at a time, our destinations are high-end resorts.

We pay particular attention to hospitality, well-being, and the art-de-vivre. Architecture shapes the spirit of a place. Hospitality brings it to life. Gastronomy sharpens the senses. Hospitality and catering are at the heart of our philosophy.

Simplicity and humility are the key words in our places. Our teams are dedicated to creating an unparalleled experience. Our butlers, housekeepers and concierges are the artisans of all possibilities. They shape the soul of the place.

Noam Group - A chef is cooking inside a professional kitchen

In the kitchen, we believe that the time has come to interpret haute gastronomy, while moving towards healthier, more respectful food that is in tune with nature.


At the table, the tailor-made and discreet service is carried out with passion. Maître d’hôtel and sommelier give you advice and share the stories behind the products you will have the pleasure of tasting.

Noam Group - Vineyard during sunrise in the south of France

We share the desire to know life, nature and to create a complicity between all the trades. From the earth to the plate, from the forest to the seat. Wherever the product comes from, there are men and women behind it who devote a lot of time to it. With respect for every moment spent, we want to promote know-how. It is important to us that the producer, the breeder, the craftsman, knows how his product will be used.

We only work with humble, quality products. The human size of our properties allows us to establish a meticulous and precise sourcing around each of them in order to have in great majority local products and to be as close as possible to the communities.

Noam Group - Divers

In a few words, Noam is a family house which, like a novel where the characters set the tone and colour of the words, the most beautiful stories are written together.

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