Noam Group - Private bartender One of the members of the hotel team at your disposal during your rental.

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The aim of the house is to welcome each of our guests as if they were staying in a unique family home, rich in memories and wonderful moments. A kind of sanctuary that guarantees inner peace. 

Only time can create such places. Commitment and attention to detail are essential to achieve this. Our jobs, are jobs of passion. The sense of hospitality cannot be improvised. It requires an obsession for customer satisfaction and a love for your profession. 

Simplicity, Humility

Noam Group - A chef is collecting food from his own garden to make a meal

Two fundamental values that guide everything we do. They are the essence of our identity and reflect what is important in our work and in our lives.

The best way to demonstrate our beliefs is to welcome and treat everyone as we would like to be treated.

Noam Group - A chef is cooking inside a professional kitchen

Culture at Noam

Our corporate culture is the hidden face of operational excellence and is the means by which we unite all our people around a common vision. It is about creating a timeless world where our guests can enjoy an unparalleled hospitality experience. It is based on three pillars: 

Caring & Altruism

Our properties are tolerant and compassionate living spaces where employees do good for the long-term future of Noam. 

Noam Group - Two hands holding soil to show the roots
Noam Group - Cocktail creation from our bartender for the own privilege of our guests

Creativity & Curiosity 

Lifelong learning ensures openness and creativity. Our destinations are inventive and open places where new ideas are born to surprise and delight our guests. 

Rigour & Collaboration

The structure and shared standards ensure rigour in a collaborative spirit. The work is methodical and each employee plays an important role. Their contribution to the cause is made with respect for ancestral traditions. 

Noam Group - Private chef setting a gastronomic plate

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