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Bora Bora - The pearl of the Pacific

Bora Bora, a name that resonates like a distant echo in the meanders of the imagination. This secret island seems frozen in time. According to legend, Bora Bora, whose name means « first born », was the first land to rise from the waters after the creation of Raiatea. The ancients even called it Mai Te Pora, « created by the gods ».

Where the myth has taken hold, the pearl of the Pacific offers a haven of peace to spirits seeking contemplation and reflection. These turquoise waters reveal a mysterious and fascinating underwater world, home to an exceptional biodiversity, a testimony to the richness of nature.

Proudly positioned at the centre of the atoll, Mount Otemanu dominates the island like a protective guardian. It seems to watch over the deep-rooted Polynesian secrets and traditions. It is here, at its feet, that travellers come to recharge their batteries, to reflect and find a refuge from the frenzy of the world.

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Natural but also fundamentally mysterious, Mana is that revealing feeling, both tangible and intangible, even enigmatic, which will lull you throughout your stay. This vital force, the true spirit of the islands, is a mythical and essential concept in Polynesian culture. Expressive yet imperceptible, Mana lives, ennobles, and transcends everything, every being, and every element.

It is a fundamental truth. It has helped shape the cultural and spiritual values that have created Polynesian, the language we call Ma’ohi. Mana is purity, it comes from life, from humility and respect for beings and things that blend harmoniously with its whole.

Mana is everywhere. It is in the music and dance that call it out of the sea, down the hills, making the souls of those who fall under its spell glow. The graceful and sometimes intense movements of the dancers tell the story of the ancients. The bright colours of the traditional clothes and flower ornaments bring cheerfulness to everyday life.

It is in the tattoos (tatau) a true symbol of the identity of the wearer. Each design tells a unique story, representing strength, courage, or protection.

Polynesian culture is a journey through time, where tradition blends with modernity.


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