Architectural Abstract

We love places, the real ones. Those that arouse emotion, those that shelter life. Architecture means imagining and designing these places with a sensitive eye, where the human being is at the heart of the project. We see these spaces as sensitive parentheses, which touch us and seize us to become unique places. 

Noam Group - In house architectural design

With each of our projects, we hope that it becomes one of these places. We are convinced that architecture can transform life, that a space must be a place of fertility and encounter, in coherence with its inhabitants and the world around it. We pay particular attention to the atmosphere and ambience of each of our properties because we are convinced that these are the keys to a resident’s well-being; they condition his or her emotional relationship with the outside world. 

We like architecture to navigate between sensitivity, creativity, and technique. We are committed to using materials in their authenticity. Indeed, this natural summer, devoid of artifice, gives rise to the charm of the cracks that touch and awaken our senses. These materials, which intermingle and sometimes clash, give the space its full importance and thus give meaning to the architecture. 

The architect has several jobs at the same time and our daily attention is to do this as well as possible. Vernacular architecture is our playground, environmental quality our tool and our priority. Each moment spent in our properties will be a unique experience because we imagine them as places where time stands still. Our aim is to make these places a sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

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